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Have you ever wondered a night place serving a couple of gin and tonics but it is not a neighborhood bar nor a dive? Yes, it is a cocktail bar. It is possible to get the best value for your money every time you and your friends go to a cocktail bar Mailbox Birmingham, that is if you know what to look for. We have asked few bartenders to us the secret in getting our money's worth on our cocktail travels. 


One of the best options for whiskey is a great aged rum for way lower in price than aged whiskey. So for people who want a cocktail instead of straight spirit, it is a good idea swapping base spirits like Whiskey Sour, Manhattan, or Old Fashioned for a quality rum. It will definitely save you a few bucks and get the look and the taste just as good as whiskey. You can also get the best value for your money by looking for drinks containing esoteric ingredients. Finding a cocktail drink on the menu with less common ingredients is really worth it. Although you' will be paying the same price, the thought is you're getting the best value for your money as compared to ordering a cocktail that mostly sells and appeals to the masses with a cheaper cost of ingredients. Cocktail bars try to keep the prices of their cocktails as close as possible, so even if esoteric drinks are more expensive than regular cocktails, they are usually priced just as the same. Choosing ingredients you never used at home because it is time-consuming or annoying is also a good idea and a great value. There are a lot of ingredients used in making cocktail drinks that take hours or days to make and not only that, they can also easily rip off your pocket if you fail to do it right with your trial and error method. It applies to fat-washed spirits, orgeat, and infusions, as well as those involving juices and syrups in cocktail drinks. 


In Birmingham, we got all the different types, tastes and experience of a cocktail drink for you. There are so many cocktail bars in Birmingham you can choose from depending on your mood and expectations. Whether you want an atmosphere along with a relaxing music lounge, playing billiard or darts, country style bands, or mini concert, Birmingham is the perfect place to spend your nightlife, getting the best value for your money as most of the alcoholic drinks here are almost half the prices in London.